Monday, September 14, 2009

So many douchebags, so little time...

Kayne West is a douchbag.  I already thought this but after last nights' VMAs, he unequivocally proved it.  Who the hell has the audacity to go on stage and interrupt someone winning an award to say someone else should have won it.  Oh, yeah that would be King Douche, Kayne West.  I don't even really like Taylor Swift all that much.  I think she's a complete dullard but come on.  Let the poor, frail gal accept her award so she can go eat some Styrofoam packing chips to celebrate. 

Thankfully, everyone else seems to think Kayne was a douche too.  MTV was flooded with tweets and floggings and twats after his little "stunt."  Katy Perry and Pink had some great twats about it, mostly something like "Fuck Kayne West, you can quote me" and that was of course from Pink.  I mean who really goes to the VMAs thinking that it's about who deserves the award the most?  Come on.  It's the fucking VMAs for fuck's sake.  (On a side note, is Russell Brand completely the opposite of funny or am I really missing something?  Didn't he tank last year as a host?  I just think he needs to take a bath and stop wearing pants that only go up to his balls.  I mean, come on, that ass in those pants looked like the ass of an 80 year-old man.)

What disturbs me about this whole situation is how much everyone was all in an uproar, well probably everyone under the age of 20, but what about when the Supreme Emperor of Douchbags, Joe Wilson, shouts out at President Obama calling him a liar.  I don't think people are outraged enough at this.   Who does that? Would he have done that to Bush(whacked), I think not! I mean, yes, Bush was booed but that's booing not screaming out, "You lie!"  Give the man some respect!  Look at the mess he was handed and now he's trying to fix things that have been broken a long, long time and we've got morons like Wilson being a douchbag.  Wilson should be either caned or stoned. I think if we went back to old fashion stoning, people would commit less douchery. I've started collecting stones in my backyard just in case we do.

Down with douchery.  

PS I think you should try and use douchery in a sentence today.

PPS This video cleverly mocks both situations and makes me giggle.  Come on, we still need to laugh about people's acts of douchery.

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