Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Partners in Crime

No I'm not talking about George Bush and the Oil Industry, I'm talking about the cheesy TV show starring Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson!

I just found this and boy what a gem!  I do remember this show and I think I was totally into it.  How did anyone think I was straight?  Ever.  They don't make them like this anymore!  And that may be a good thing.

First of all the intro alone is like a minute and a half.  The also linger on the puzzle piece "special effect" for quite awhile, though I guess in the day that was cutting edge.

I'm sorry but don't you think these two are completely believable crime solvers?  I know I do.  Loni Anderson totally blends in when she's out snooping around.  Come on, ducking behind the corner of that building.  I'm sure no one noticed her at all.

Here's a classic episode called "Is He or Isn't She."  It's about a wealthy man's son getting kidnapped and our crime solving gals look to the kidnapped man's "friend" for help.  Only that "friend" is a drag queen!  Holla!  Serena is played by Christopher Morley and he really does a great job playing a woman.  He played quite a few "female" roles in the 80's according to his IMDB page.  Enjoy!

This part is the best of the whole episode because this is where they stumble upon a drag club and get mistaken for drag queens.  Fabulous!

PS I love the dub over of "Serena's" voice. So subtle!!!

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